About Us
We’re a team of mobility experts who make it easy to implement the transportation of tomorrow.

HexMap was founded in 2020 in Montréal by experts in mobility research to use big data to better model the transportation in our cities today. The challenges of working with large geospatial datasets has typically resulted in the most novel and valuable insights remaining out-of-reach for decision makers. By leveraging advancements in machine-learning with years of experience in transportation modeling, HexMap is able to deliver valuable commuting insights to municipalities and organizations of any size.

Our Services

Shift commutes to smarter modes like e-bikes or vehicle sharing using insights gathered through data
Sustainability Strategy
Determine an effective active plan for reducing costs and going green within your organization
Adapted Data
We locate and prepare the best quality data suited to your organization's needs. If this data isn't yet available, we help you collect it with our customizable smartphone platform
Cloud Infrastructure
Run private instances of the latest open-source mobility software within your organization such as map routing engines for optimizing delivery logistics or postal code geolocation
The mobility landscape is changing every day so we are always ready to find answers to new unforeseen challenges
Curious about a new autonomous sky bus driven completely by robots? We'll scour the research to determine its feasibility and provide an actionable review of case studies
Interested in doing this sort of work?
We're looking to connect with like minds to solve the world's toughest challenges.
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