Our Services


  • Greenhouse gas analysis
  • Bulk routing by mode (required for connectivity, first/last-mile analysis)
  • Connectivity indexes
  • First/last-mile barrier analysis
  • Cost-benefit studies

Smartphone Survey

  • User-friendly smartphone travel study platform
  • Data hosting and cleaning
  • Custom survey creation for demographics and end-of-trip questions
  • Dashboard to monitor participation and explore data online
  • Automatic trip processing into origin/destinations (modes, purposes to come)
  • Data exported in a variety of convenient formats: Shapefile, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, CSV, PostgreSQL
  • Summaries and aggregate metadata available as business-friendly spreadsheets
  • Additional analysis available

Consulting & Studies

  • Implementing custom databases and models in GIS and traffic analysis platforms
  • Feasibility reports on alternative systems with review of research literature, municipal action plans, and other case studies
  • Custom web maps to display travel data for your organization

Geospatial Cloud

  • Routing machine instances (OpenTripPlanner, OSRM)
  • Geocoding (Nominatim)
  • Any other services by request